Weird Heading 1 style behavior

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I'm having trouble figuring out why my Heading 1 style is misbehaving.  I have only 1 Heading 1 style, but my document has 2 sections. I'm using 2 sections, so that I can have different Page Headers for pages in section 2.


But for my paragraph numbering, I have only one Heading 1 style.


Problem:  If I click a level one paragraph title, and make it Heading 1 style, it works fine, througout that section.  However, when I get to section 2, and click on a level1 title, and apply the same Heading 1 style, it's different from the one in section 1.


Further complicating things, IF I modify the style, to correct the problem in Section 1, THEN the section one level 1 headings are affected.



Section 1:

1.0    Paragraph 1 title



4.0                                    Paragraph 4 title


IF I fix the heading style in Section two, section 1 Level 1 Heading is messed up. 


Section 1:

1.0                                 Paragraph 1 title

Section 2:

2.0  Paragraph 2 title


Aren't Heading styles the same across multiple sections?

Are there section properties that interfere or conflict with styles?  

Is it possible to have a global style that applies across multiple sections?

What causes this? and What is the solution? 



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Did you set\modify the indents for the Heading 1 style in the Define New Multilevel List dialog?

If you upload a copy of the document, we will investigate the issue.

Hello @MikeSD ,

as Doug suggested, you need to set up the NumList as well. Whatever settings there are in that window they have precedence over Style setting, unfortunately.

Go to the Paragraph group on the Home ribbon, click the Multilevel list, click Define New Multilevel list... and there set what you need: Numbering, Numbering font, alignment, hanging indents, tabs.


Your document then should work as a charm.


Quite extensive explanation on how the multilevel lists work is for example here:

How to Create and Work with Multilevel Lists in Microsoft Word (



To get stable and predictable heading numbering, follow the instructions in the article at (applies to Word 2007 and later).