Watermark on Office 365 Word is overlapping.

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Troubleshooting steps done. 

Open document on Safe mode.

Update Office version

Currently on latest Windows version 21h1

Advised by Microsoft Tech to point on Microsoft Community. 

Here's a sample image



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In Word, a watermark is just an object anchored to the page header. Usually, the watermark is semi-transparent, and it is located behind the text of the document.


Could the text contain a graphic object of some sort which hides part of the underlying watermark? 


If you can't get it sorted, you can share a sample document with the forum.

@Stefan_Blom watermarks are now clean.  I have rebooted several times, removed the Office-design-inserted watermark and the printer-built-in watermark.  Reinstalled.  Printed.  Etc.  Rebooting seems to fix problems I can't figure out myself.  Thanks,



Does rebooting fix the issue permanently or temporarily? It could be a display issue, I suppose.


What is shown in the preview at File > Print, or in an actual printout?


Watermarks are semitransparent so they CAN be in front of the text and they have been for more than a decade.  who decided to move them to background so they now are technically unreadable but the text cuts them to pieces.  How do we get this fixed...either now or with the next version of Word.  This is more than annoying



You have replied to a rather old thread. :)


Watermarks are semi-transparent or "washed out" by default; that is correct. However, my remark wasn't in reference to that fact. 


If you use the Watermark facility in Word, you get a repeating object, the same on more than one page (usually). Such an object is anchored to the page header and that is why it will always be behind the document text. The main body of the document and the header/footer areas represent different text layers (in VBA programming referred to as different text stories). 


That said, of course you can put an object in front of the text. Just anchor it in the ordinary text flow and choose the desired option for Text Wrapping.