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I am working in MS-Word 2016. I am not a technical person. I have no knowledge about coding. I want to copy a table from Word from (temporary file) and paste into another Word document (main file) by VBA code. Every time the table is different. Like copy the 1st table, then 2nd table, then 3rd table and so on........ Total table is around 39. After finding a specific word in (main file). Attendance Time (10 minutes) in table. Attendance Time (10 minutes) is a specific Word in Table and I want to add the copied table after Attendance Time (10 minutes) row. What is the VBA code for this task? I am sharing both main and temporary files.
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Hi @Rohit_Sonwane ,

I don't really understand what you are trying to achieve, but this seems to be a good task for Excel, moving the document from Word to Excel. It will make the calculations for you automatically.