Variable Value ( Repeating words in the documents )

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Hi everyone;


I want to learn how I can create variable value field in Microsoft Word. Some words are used repeatedly in the document. For example Company name, Customer Name, Employer Name etc.

Let the company name be used in 20 different parts of the document.
When I want to change the company name, I have to make changes in 20 different places. I want to change this by making changes in one place. (Find and Replace feature is not a solution option for my problem.)

For example;

First I want to define like below;
$company_name="MY COMPANY";
$customer_name="MY CUSTOMER";


I want "MY COMPANY" to be printed where I write $company_name.

So if I need to change the COMPANY NAME I just want to change $company name part. Than all the related parts should be changed automatically.

How can It be done?
Thanks in advance.

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