Using Legacy Form Fields in Word

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I'm helping a client update dozens of forms in Word using legacy form fields. For their needs they work better than the content controls. However, one nurse updated her Windows 10 and now her forms no longer work. We're afraid this may quickly be an issue for all of them, and wondered if legacy forms were retired in this latest Windows update, like Flash Player was.

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Which type of legacy fields are you using? Generally, ActiveX controls are more difficult to use, because they trigger macro security settings in Word.


You should be able to use legacy text form fields, for example.

@Stefan_Blom I am using the original legacy fields. No Active X. 


But it seems with the windows update from November came some problems...


1)When she tries to back space to correct a spelling errors it will only let her back space once and then will not let her backspace again or type in any new text until she uses the arrow key to move the curser

2) She can tab and wrap in a single text box but she cannot enter text and then use the enter key to start a new line within the same text box



I can't reproduce these issues in a simple form with text form fields and "Filling in forms" protection. 


Can you share an example document for illustration?