Using Find / Replace to capitalize the first letter of each word.

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I’ve tried a number of suggestions to replace the first letter of each word with a capitalized letter, unfortunately none have seemed to work.


I’ve tried:


In the “Find what” field, enter: (<[A-Za-z0-9]@>)

In the “Replace with” field, enter: \1




In the ‘Find what’ box, enter (<[A-Z]{1,}>)

Leave the ‘Replace with’ box empty.


As well as other variations (Use Wildcards is checked). Unfortunately, none of these work. I usually get this error “That replacement text contains a group number that's out of range.”


My document is a word followed by ^p. I want to preserve the CamelCasing so I can’t use “Capitilize Each Word” from the ribbon.



This is a typical example:









So in the above I would like the n in nyc to be capitalized.


Not sure what I’m doing wrong, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - CES

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Consider just selecting everything and using the case change menu on the Home Tab to give a cap at the beginning of each word.

@Charles_Kenyon unfortunately, that doesn’t work because it changes the case for the rest of the word to lower case



Hi Chris,


I apologize for not reading to the end of your post.
My go-to resource on windcards:

I am not proficient enough to be able to advise you, though. I expect someone else here will be able to.