Updating an OLD Word document

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I am working on a 700 page genealogy document with all kinds of custom styles and formatting. I started it around 2010 and believe I was working with Word 2003 at the time. Now I'm trying to update it using Office 365. The old file located fine and looked fine. My problem is my Style settings don't "stick."


One example: I have a TOC in which every name in a style named Person is included. I build the TOC and it looks great. Later, sometimes with an intervening save, sometimes not, I'll go back to the TOC and a few entries will be missing. I go to the body of the text corresponding to the missing entries and sure enough, the first character of the name is not set as Person, although the rest of the name is. So I fix that, rebuild the TOC and all is good, for a while. Later I come back to the TOC and exactly the same entries are missing!


On another occasion I noticed that a paragraph had the wrong style. It was one of my defined styles, but not the right one. So I highlighted the paragraph, selected the appropriate style, but it wouldn't change. I went and manually (by-passing the Style ribbon) set the formatting parameters to match the desired style and that worked fine.


Any ideas?

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