Update linked file in word document

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Hi All,

 I need your desperate help please...
Basically I have a word file which contains number  of tables which are linked with a file from 2021. Now I want to update the links from 2021 file to 2022 but unlike excel where we can do this swiftly (using change link), there is no option for such a bulk change in word. Meaning I will have to change the linking of each data item in that word table :(
I am sure there got to be a way but couldn't find one...

Thanks as always :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@Sharadratra If the change to be made to each link is to replace 2021 with 2022, you could use a macro containing the following code


Dim afld As Field
With ActiveDocument
    For Each afld In .Fields
        If afld.Type = wdFieldLink Then
            afld.Code.Text = Replace(afld.Code.Text, "2021", "2022")
        End If
    Next afld
End With