Update Fields with officejs after changing DocumentProperty

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some help and I can't find the answer online.

I'm building a Word Add-in with officejs 1.3. 
On this Add-in the user fills-out a form. With the given data I override or add these to CustomDocumentProperties.


The 'Fields' on the document is not updatet and keep showing the old data. Even after closing and opening the document. Only when I right-click on the 'Field' and choose for 'Update Field' the updatet value is shown.


I can't use Macro's because it has to work on a Mac as well.

In VSTO, we can easily update fields of a Word document using c# code:



But how do I manage this with officejs?


Thanks for helping me out!



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Hi team,

Today it is been a month I've posted this issue. I see it has been assigned to various people, unfortunately no response or a solution yet. Is there any update.

Thanks in advance ;)

I don't know anything about Office js, but can you use document variables and DOCVARIABLE fields?