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So I am editing someone else's work that knows less about word than me and I'm perplexed. I'm using the newest Mac version of Word. For some reason this person stopped tapping the indent key to indent and started tapping the space bar 5 times as shown on the formatting. When I delete the spaces and then tap the indent key, nothing happens. When I tap it a second time, I get a double indent. When trying to delete one indent, they both disappear. I've checked the formatting and can't find any setting creating the second indent and of course it is not placing any indents until I tap the key. Am I missing something?

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Are you referring to using the Tab key (assuming it is supported in Word for Mac) or one of the other shortcuts that set specific indents (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/keyboard-shortcuts-in-word-95ef89dd-7142-4b50-afb2-f762f6...)?

Yes the 'tab' key.



Tabbing at the beginning of the first line in a paragraph would normally create a first line indent that goes to the first tab stop (custom tab stop or default tab stop). 


What is the setting for default tab stops in the document?