Undoing an autosave after the file is closed?

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So, I transcribed an interview on Word. It's saved to my OneDrive so I can access anywhere, but usually access from home through the usual program (ie not 365!)


I saved that interview


On to the next one and I use the first one as a template


I somewhere saved the new one as interview 2 (that's fine) and went back to the first one to start editing it again (interview 3)


But somehow, just as I was closing the document I was working on, I noted at the top the file name said interview 1..."saving"


By then it was too late and my interview 1 file is now the same as interview 3. As I closed it I can't undo and resave.


Any ideas before I have to re-type the whole interview 1?

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Try the Version History in OneDrive (https://onedrive.live.com). You may be able to find the lost version. 


The thing about OneDrive is that you can't use Save As to transfer the most recent changes to a new file. The automatic saves will incorporate changes into the current version of the document. See also https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/save-a-copy-before-editing-to-prevent-changing-the-origin...