Unable to repeat Header Rows

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am wondering if the attached word document is corrupted, as am currently unable to repeat the top 2 header rows:



on all three pages of the Word document.


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@null null  In the Table Properties dialog, change the text wrapping of the table from "Around" to "None". Then selecting the first two rows and clicking Repeat Header Rows on the Table Layout ribbon will cause those rows to repeat. As far as I can tell, changing the wrapping doesn't make any visible change the table's shape or position.

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@Jay Freedman I followed your steps but no joy. I have used MSW for decades and only this release does not allow header repeats. MSW tech support says that this version (10) does not support header repeat, they cannot advise, not their problem. I have gone about doing it manually till now, but it is frustrating when the HELP tells me it can be done and MSW says NO! Fudge. ta


I can't tell what's causing the problem unless I can see the actual document. Please post a copy here -- if necessary, replace any sensitive information with sample text from the =rand() function. 


When you say "version (10)", do you mean you're using Word from Office 2010? Go to File > Account in Word and let me know what it says about version and build under the "About Word" heading.

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For information on how to clean a document of private information so you can pos a link here, see my article: Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it. 


Microsoft 365 MSO (version 2210 Build 16.0.15726.20070 64 bit

Trying to work out how to attach the file!

@Alegna Click the link below the reply box that says "Open full text editor". When that editor appears, there's a place below it that says "Drag and drop here or browse files to attach". You can drag the document's file from Windows File Explorer and drop it on the box, or you can click the word "browse" to open a dialog for picking the file.

@Jay Freedman ta and fingers crossed - fudge nowhere am I asked to 'drag and drop' ....!

See the link I provided earlier for one way. Jay's method is better, though. You need to get to the full text editor.
I agree except I cannot find the drag and drop instruction!



When the new window opens,