Unable to open word file (end tag error)

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I can't open anymore a .docx  file which I have created. The error message indicates:

"the name in the end tag of the element must match the element type in the start tag".

Online search and support did not help so far....

Thanks in advance for any help !


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Have you seen this official support article?

It talks about this issue in detail!



@Haytham Amairah 

Thanks for your reply… Indeed I have read this official support:


1) the Fix It for me Option is not working anymore : https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2970908/how-to-use-microsoft-easy-fix-solutions


2) The fix it yourself option required xml skills. which I unfortunately haven't...



Hi @vvalette50 ,

I think that 


contains instructions that can be carried out by someone who is not familiar with XML.

Kind regards