Turn off time and date stamp without changing author name

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Word 2013. Is there a way to turn off the time and date stamp but preserve my author name? When you remove personal information, your selected name changes to "Author."

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P.S. I want to remove the time and date stamp because it adds an extra line to every comment and deletion balloon, such that comments and deletion balloons take up too much space in the margin and no longer appear in line with the text they refer to.

As far as I know, there is no way to get rid of the date and time stamp.


However, the date and time do not show up in the print preview and they also do not print (or convert to PDF), if that helps.

Yes, it is possible to get rid of the date and time stamp through document inspection and removing personal information. The date and time plus author are considered personal information. I want to get rid of the date and time but retain my author name.



When it comes to removing personal information, I believe it is all or nothing, unfortunately. :(


If you intend to share the document, and the document doesn't need to be edited by someone else, then you can share it as a PDF. 

The way I have Word 2013 set up on my PC, it shows my author name but not the time and date. So it is possible to do that; I just can't remember how I did it. The problem is that files I receive from the other person do show the time and date and I can't change that. This may be a PC/Mac compatibility problem? The person who I have this problem with has a Mac. The document does need to be edited by both parties, so no PDFs.



Note that the display of comments and revisions has changed in recent versions of Word for PC. 


If the so-called modern comments are enabled (applies to subscription versions of Office), you will see the date and time in each comment, but these won't print or show up in the print preview.