Trying to have one document that we can filter all the variables to either hide or show by check box

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I have a large packet that has multiple forms on it that will be used by our team to build an online data collection questionnaire. We have been making two packets, one with the variables included for the backend team and one with the variables excluded for the frontend/less technical staff, and it would be very helpful if we could combine them as there tend to be many rounds of edits. 


In each of the forms, any given question that we ask has a respective variable name associated with it in brackets before the question, for backend use, and afterward has a pop-up text that shows if they forget to answer the question, as shown below:

[CELLQ] Do you have a cell phone? [Cellphone]


Is there a way to have a check box at the beginning of the packet that can say, "Show document variables and pop-up text?" so that when unchecked questions appear as this:

What type of cell phone do you have?


But when checked they appear as this:

[CELLTypeQ] What type of cell phone do you have? [Cellphone Type]


It doesn't necessarily need to be a check box, but just something that we could intuitively use to show/hide all variables. 


Additionally, some of the popup text have footnotes associated with them to give further instructions to our backend team (as shown below), would we be able to include those in the show/hid function if it exists? 

[CELLTypeQ] What type of cell phone do you have? [Cellphone Type]^1

1. Only unlock question if "Yes" is selected for "Do you own a cell phone"


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