TOC repeatedly dropping a Style

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I want the TOC to include a Style called "Legal Numbering 1".  No matter how many times I add it to the TOC, it only 'sticks' after that first time I add it.  Every time I update the TOC thereafter it is gone and I have to go back into Custom TOC to re-add it.


This happens regardless of who is editing the document.

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There is no way to store custom settings in the Table of Contents dialog box, if that is what you are asking. Each time you revisit the dialog box, the defaults will come back. 


What you can do is the following: Once you have inserted your TOC, you can select the whole TOC field and save it as an AutoText entry which you can then insert in other documents whenever you need this specific setup.

@Stefan_Blom Hi, Thanks for the answer.  I will try that, however just to clarify, the issue comes up when we click on the "Update Table" bit at the top of the TOC.  I'm only having to open the dialog box to fix the issue.   Regards.

If you press Alt+F9 (or Alt+Fn+F9 on some keyboards), what is shown in place of the TOC?

@Stefan_Blom  Hi, I get the following:

{TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \t "Legal Numbering 1;2"}


It is the Legal Numbering 1 style that drops out when I update the TOC.



The field code looks correct to me. Assuming that you have a paragraph style called "Legal Numbering 1," it should work properly.


Have you tried creating an AutoText entry that contains the field code? You will then have to insert the AutoText to re-create the TOC in another document. Of course, that document must also contain text formatted in the "Legal Numbering 1" style.