TOC page numbers lists page 1

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I am having an issue with Word's Table of Contents. This file was working correctly until a couple of months ago. I use RD to reference 5 different word documents to create the Table of Contents and use heading styles in the individual documents to control what is listed on the Table of Contents.

As of right now, every heading is being shown on being on page 1 in each document. As seen in the image, this is from page 2 of one of the individual documents but in the TOC document, it shows page 1. Any suggestions on how to fix this?





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@James_Couch I've had this issue for a long time with my engineering reports which I create with mail merges, where the TOC does not update properly. This is a workaround so I'd be interested in seeing if you get a better solution. I keep a separate word doc with the table of contents section.


When I merge a new document I copy the TOC page and paste into the TOC section of the engineering report, then when I've finished creating the report I highlight the TOC sections, right click and select update page numbers.



I believe the first page for each record in a mail merge will be numbered 1.

You can use my Continuous Page Numbering Add-In to make them all continuous.

Thank you Charles, I will look into that.