text being "eaten up"

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I am revising a document, hit one key and get multiple characters )for instance if I type an "r" I get 3 or 4 r's), then the program begins deleting everything after the last letter I typed, doing so at high speed. I have to disconnect my computer, reopen the file and then I find myself back at the ;last place I saved. The rest of the text in present, but I have to go back and revise a couple of pages I had already edited. This is puzzling. I've been to repair shops and showed them this via video and they are perplexed. 

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Does the issue only affect one document, or can it be replicated on multiple documents. If it is only one document, if you upload a copy of it, one of use may be able to see what is causing the problem.

If the problem affects multiple documents, there may be a fault with the keyboard that you are using. Can you try another one?


I've changed keyboards, mouses, moved it away from other electronic devices, have taken it to computer repair shops and the workers there are perplexed.