Table of contents shows wrong page number's format

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Dear community, 

How to display the same page number format as in the document inside the table of contents? Here the format inside the table of contents is in uppercase whereas normally it should be in lowercase (like in the document)

Can you help me? 

problem_liste des figures.png

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You cannot, quite but there is a workaround.

The upper case comes from the formatting of your TOC 1 style which you have as all caps.


The workaround would be to use a different heading style and TOC style.

i.e., if you are not using Heading 9 for anythinng, Format it the way you want your headings in your front matter to appear and use that as the basis for your TOC. Set the TOC 9 style to not have all caps and to be indented the same way your TOC 1 style is. Make sure your TOC field includes the TOC 9 style. (By default, only the first three levels are included in an automatic TOC.)