Table Of Contents Formatting Not Matching Heading Style Formatting

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In my word document (Microsoft Office Professional 2019 / .docx) all of the headings are setup using the Heading 1 style which is set for font= Arial, Size= 12, and BOLD is turned on. My table of contents is setup to use the Heading 1 style as shown:

{TOC \h \z \t "Heading 1,1,Heading 2,2,Heading 3,3" }


The table of contents works to capture all of the correct pages, however, where all of the headings in the document are done in all caps, the entries in the table of contents vary from all caps, all caps for the first word or two, to all lowercase as shown below. I've tried to update the Heading 1 style and then doing the "Update Field / Update Entire Table", but the text in the TOC stays the same.



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@Brian_GeorgeCBS The Table of Contents ignores the All Caps setting of the Headings Styles and it only shows upper case text where the SHIFT or CAPS LOCK key was used when typing the text of the headings.


If you want All Caps in the Table of Contents, you can modify the font for the TOC # styles so that they have the font set to All Caps.


Otherwise, you will need to type or re-type the headings  so that the SHIFT or CAPS LOCK key is only used where you want upper case to appear in the Table of Contents

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Re-typing all of the headings with caps lock on did the trick.

This template file came from a company we work with and originally was using a different style. My switching to the Heading 1 style probably caused the issue somehow. Also, before re-typing everything I did double-check by going to the styles / Heading 1, right-clicked and selected "Modify", ALL CAPS was listed as part of the formatting. I had checked this previously, hence my confusion as to why it wasn't coming out that way.
Thanks very much for the fix.