Table formatting issues which disables the proper use of style separator

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Dear Microsoft community,


I am trying to add a style separator in a table this works fine if I start a new document and a table but doesn’t work as expected when I am using the table in my current document. Now since this is a document I had been working on for days for my thesis I would like the style separator to work in my current document itself. Is there any way I could change my table formatting such that it accepts the style separator without giving errors. 

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@Rjaga760 I have added the images to the issue I’m facing below:





 As you can see I have the style separator in between those sentences but the spacing doesn’t disappear automatically where as it disappears when I start a new document and table there 

@Rjaga760 Can you upload a copy of the document, or the part of it with which you have the problem, so that we can investigate the issue.  You may need to put the document in a zip archive as for some reason this forum does not allow the uploading of docx files.


Dear Sir, 


I hope this message finds you well. For some reason, I am not able to attach the zip file here as well. I have added the file in my google drive, here is the link for that:



Let me know if this works out. One is the document the other one is a zip file




Dear Sir, 


I hope this message finds you well. I have attached the link to the google drive for the document because I am not able to attach the zip file here as well:



Please let me know if this works out or you need anything else from my end



Dear Sir, 


I hope this finds you well. There is some issue on my end the comment I am posting gets deleted for some reason. I have attached a link to the file in this thread. I hope this works out fine for you.  I appreciate your help with this matter. 


Thank you




One post with the link would be sufficient.
I can confirm that I see the same problem in your sample.
Dear Sir,
I am sorry for the multiple posts, for some reason when I was posting the comment kept on not showing up. So I thought it is being deleted, that is why posted it again.


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@Rjaga760Not a problem.

Your caption is (1} not in the Caption Style, which could cause a problem with a Table of Figures, and (2) the reason why the Style Separator does not work is that your first paragraph is in a Frame, the second is not. The Style Separator can't deal with that.


I'm not sure how this happened but suspect that the text came from a converted source.


Remove the Frame. You can do this by selecting the part of the Caption you want to appear in a Table of Figures and applying the Caption style to it. You can modify the Caption style to look however you want.

Dear Sir,

I am not sure I follow what you mean. If I check the frame settings in my document it shows that it’s set to None. Plus if I select a text and apply the caption style to it then the text is getting wrapped.

However, when I make a new table and copy paste the figure and caption onto there then the style separator works fine. But to do this for all 100 images seems tedious. Is there another way I can correct current table somehow?

It would be great if you could give me a demonstration or tell directions in simple terms. I am sorry for these questions, but I am not an expert in word and any help from your side is deeply appreciated.

Thank you
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@Rjaga760 You should change the layout of the picture so that it is "In Line with Text" in which case, it is in a paragraph by itself rather than being anchored to the caption paragraph, which is a believe the cause of you issue.




Although my diagnosis works, Doug's solution is cleaner, easier.

I tried it, putting the figure in a separate paragraph that was centered. It looks like this.



Here is a temporary link to the document formatted in this way.


Again, I believe that your Captions should be in the Caption Style if you want them picked up by a Table of Figures. Captions inserted using the Caption command in Word are automatically formatted in that style.


Dear Sir,


I appreciate your detailed response however I don't think the issue is resolved yet in the file you sent me as soon as I turn off the paragraph mark the file looks like this again: 





I inserted my captions including the caption style formatting for word. For some reason, all these captions get picked up when I use the table of figures so I am anticipating that these styles are still formulated using word caption style. 

For instance, you can see below:




Am I missing something here?


Thank you.








Dear Sir,


I appreciate your response. However, the issue is still not resolved even when I use "In Line with Text" for the image and add the style separator the results are shown below:



However, when I add a new table and copy and paste the data into that table this problem disappears as seen below:


Any tips you may have is greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, due to a time crunch, I have started updating the document with this process. Please let me know if there is any other thing I could do fix this problem ingeniously.


Thank you for your guidance with this matter.


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@Rjaga760 If you remove the Frame in which the table is located, the anomally will disappear






Dear Sir,


Thank you for your response, I am hoping this will definitely solve the problem. But in my version of MS word, I don't see any option called format frame. I only get the following options:



So, I don't really know how can I solve this issue. I tried googling how to do this as well but there seems to be no clear response available for the steps I need to follow to format the frame. It is advised to use border and shading in the display section but I'm guessing that's not it?


Sorry for so many questions but I am grateful for your help with this matter. You are the best!!


Thank you so much


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best response confirmed by Rjaga760 (Occasional Contributor)

@Rjaga760 Click inside the table and then from the table Layout tab, click on Convert to Text



In the Convert Table dialog, select Paragraph Marks and then click on OK.


Hover the mouse over the frame that is still present



and then right click and left click on Format Frame



Then in the Frame dialog, click no Remove Frame



Select the image and text that was originally in the table and then via the Insert>Table dropdown, convert the text back to a Table.

Dear Sir,

This worked perfectly. Again Thank you very much for your help with this matter. You are the best!!!

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