Suddenly can't change an imported font or font size

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I'm working on Microsoft Word for Mac, version 16.16.16.


I use Verdana 12 as my default font size. When I cut and paste text -- say, words from a website -- into a Word document, I change the font to Verdana 12, by highlighting the text, then choosing the font and size in the Home tab.


But suddenly, that has stopped working. Now, when I highlight the imported text, Word indicates that the text is already in Verdana 12. It isn't.


I'm not sure if this is operator error or some new function of a Word update, but I'd love to know how to get back to my beloved Verdana 12! Thank you.

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I have the same problem in Windows Word.

@RobT212 What happens if you press Cmd+Shift?  On a Windows computer it would be CTRL+Shift and that has the effect of resetting the font to the default characteristics.