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For some reason my Styles section is in a different language. This appears even in a new document. I've checked language settings and everything is set to English. The only way I have found that has fixed it is when I right click > Modify > Format > Font and make no other changes but just click okay (Font is set to Montserrat for body paragraph). It fixes it temperarily, but if I close the document and open Word again, the styles go back to the different language. 


How do I permanently change this? 



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@peachpeachpeach Try performing an On-Line repair of the Office installation.


In the Windows Search facility, type Control Panel and then click on the Control Panel App and then on the Uninstall a Program under Programs and in the next screen that appears, select the Microsoft 365 Apps and then click on Change, then in the User Account Control dialog, click on Yes and in the next screen asking how would you like to repair your Microsoft 365 and Office program, select the Online Repair option.

Thanks for the reply Doug. I've just finished the Online Repair. It appeared to have uninstalled all the of MS 365 apps. After reinstalling and opening a new Word Doc, the Styles section is still the same :(



If the issue is specifically with new, blank documents, exit Word and rename the Normal template. See

Thank you Stefan, I will give this a shot!