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Is there a way to permanently change the styles that appear in the style gallery for all documents?


I work on a lot of documents from many different users and of course their styles are set to a variety of different things depending on their personal preferences.


What I would like to be able to do is to open a document and for the style gallery to give me the buttons for the styles I want - normal, headings 1 - 4, no spacing, quotation and list paragraph. What I would love to get rid of is all the nonsense such as 'intense quotation' and 'subtle reference'. Not even sure what a subtle reference is. I have changd the gallery in my 'Normal' template to what I need, but even so good old Word still thinks I need to be offered all its silly styles on every new document I open. Is there a way of killing them off, or at least removing them from the style gallery?

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There is no simple way to change this for all documents at once, but you can choose the styles you want in the gallery and then save the document as a template.


Alternatively, open the Normal template for editing and make the desired changes there. The modified Style Gallery will be available to all new, blank documents.

Thanks @Stefan_Blom
I feared as much. I've sorted the normal template with what I want, although it always also gives me the rest of the junk. Shame.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.