Strugling with bullet formatting, all the time!

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Hi there :)

Every time I use a bullet point, I get an absolutely huge gap between the bullet and the word (see below for example). 

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 14.49.31.png

They're making my work really disorganised.


I've tried:

1. Manually changing the indentation every time by clicking on Bullet points and numbering > customise > creating my own suitable bullet. They never save to my bullet library, but do work 

 as shown below

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 14.50.11.png

2. Changing the ruler indentation


3. Resetting the application


It seems those massive gaps are set as my default and I can't find any way to fix them even after going through troubleshooting manuals. I'm using the document on MacOS Ventura, with the latest version of word. Would appreciate if anyone could help me out in getting my pretty smaller points back!!

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@gracemf By default, the List Paragraph style is invoked when you insert a paragraph with bullets.  To change the indent\tab space between the bullet and the text, modify the paragraph formatting of that style and before dismissing the Modify Style dialog, select the radio button for "New documents based on this template".



Save your bullet format to a specific style. For example, when you have the desired settings (bullet symbol, indents etc.), display the Apply Styles pane (with Ctrl+Shift+S), type in a new style name and click the New button.