Spell check won't see the word as a whole, says part of the word is wrong

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This happens almost every time I delete a letter from a word and then rewrite it. In this case it was written "design" so I deleted the "d" and wrote "D" again (with capital). Now spellcheck won't check the whole word, only sees "esign"

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@AP1998 What proofing language are you using?


Here with English (US), word indicates a punctuation issue if I press Enter after Intended Research design

and a spelling error if I delete the d of design and then press Enter after that word.  However as soon as I insert the D, the spelling error indication disappears.

I am using English (United Kingdom), if I switch to English (US) the issue dissapears. It doesn't persist if I go back to the original proofing language. I suppose if I encounter the issue again, I'll just do the same again to fix it. Thank you
This recently started happening to me recently, too, but switching proofing languages does nothing to fix it; I've tried going from English (Ireland) to both English (United Kingdom) and English (United States), but to no avail.

@rcoady Here, with the proofing language set the English (United Kingdom) without the "D" of Design, the word is flagged as an error.



If I right click on the error, I am offered the following corrections



However, ignoring the offered corrections, as soon as I insert the "D" at the beginning of the word, the indication of an error disappears


Can you share a copy of a document in which you encounter the problem.





The proofing language is applied at the character level, not the document or application level.

Select all your text and apply the proofing language.