Special Paste from Excel doesn't work fine anymore

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Hello, a few months back this process worked ok, but somehow now it doesn't:

When you copy from excel, and then special paste object into word, you have a few options, like: automatic/manual and blocked/unblocked. And there is some info by defalut:

Source File, Element and Type of Link.

If you save it in Automatic mode and you re-open the Word file, it works ok.

But if you save in Manual mode or if you don update the links when you re-opens the file, the Element gets transferred to the Path of the file, making it really messy when you try to "Change the Origin".

That´s not the case with Special Paste from excel as plain text.

And it wasn't either the case with Objects, until a few months ago.

Can anybody fix it please? it was the coolest feature, and I used it a lot.





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