spacing bug in word docs

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need hlep and this problem solved as its making word unuseable for me,


i have created documents within word that i use for work. 

When i am copying form one table in a document to anther table in a sperate  document  the layout sapcing changes,  this has never happened in the lsat 10 years of doing this so why now. 


main building

ground floor 

no sapceing betwwen them copy and pate in another doc 

main building


ground floor 

a spcing of After 12 happens   this has never happened in the lsat 10 years of doing this so why now. been happening since january of this year. 


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Compare the Paragraph formatting of the Style in use in the two documents.

It is most likely that the paragraph formatting for the Style that is in use in the target document has 12 pt space after it.
no this is not the case, it is all set to 0



If you are pasting text from a table in one document into another table in the target document, note that any spacing defined in the table style will apply. Check the settings for the table style (in the target document). 

Specifically, right-click the selected table style and choose Modify Table Style. Access the Format > Paragraph settings in the dialog box. See the screen shot below.