Some Footnote numbers are larger than others

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Some of my footnote numbers (in the actual footnotes at the bottom of the page) are appearing larger than the others. This is affecting the numbers only, not the footnote text. In the example below, Footnote number 24 is larger than the others. I'd be grateful if you could advise how to fix this. Thank you.


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Hi Michael


The quickest way I can think of to correct the oversized font is to highlight one of the other footnote numbers, use Format Painter (copies the format), and select the oversized footnote number.


This should reset the size back in like with the others.


From the picture, it seems like the footnote number isn't a footnote number but text someone has typed in (e.g. the original footnote number was accidently deleted and then someone typed in the number).


The method above will reset it to a footnote format.


Hope that helps.