Some fonts not appearing in drop down menu

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My client had a font cut for them and supplied it in ttf format. I installed all 14 styles on my mac and my pc. On my mac they work perfectly in word and other software. On the pc the work perfectly in Illustrator, InDesign and other adobe software. However, office 365 only displays 6 of the styles in the drop down menu: black, book, light, medium, thin and normal; the other 8 styles: black italic, bold, bold italic, book italic, light italic, medium italic, normal italic, thin italic do not appear in the drop down menu. I see they are all italic fonts except bold but it is a real problem because the client uses most of them in their documents. All 14 appear in Adobe but not in word, excel, powerpoint etc. Anyone have any idea how I fix this annoyance. I am on Windows 11. I have removed the fonts and reinstalled them, rebooted the computer and still no joy. Thanks.

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