[Solved] Word 2016: all blank, enter etc. in the text shown strangely in some specific symbols

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Hello! Recently my word 2016 got automatically update. Then a issue happened that all blank, enter etc. in the text are shown strangely in some specific symbols.  Is there anyone who met the same situation? Thankful for the possible solutions.  



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Did you copy this from a website?

If so, try: Copy, "Keep Text Only"

Than translate


@Jay Freedman - That's the answer! 


In case you need a picture:



Those are "nonprinting" characters, which are displayed if the ¶ button on the Home ribbon is turned on (or if the "Show all formatting marks" check box is checked in the File > Options > Display page). Click the ¶ button to turn it off, or go to the Options page and clear the check box and any other boxes that are checked in that group.

For an explanation of the various characters, see http://wordfaqs.ssbarnhill.com/NonprintChars.htm.

@AccotinkCaptain  WOW, great answer! Just realized that's a function. Thank you. Helps a lot! 

@Jay Freedman  Very detailed explanation.  Thanks a lot!