Show all form fields in a separate window


Can I see all the existing form fields in a document in a separate window so that I can change them from that window?


I want it to be like a navigation pane which takes me to the selected field when I select it.

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A standard way to handle repeated text is to use bookmarks in conjunction with REF fields. Each bit of repeated text is stored in a bookmark, and each repetition of that text is inserted via a REF field that is linked to the bookmark. So it doesn't matter if two bookmarks happen to store identical looking text at a given time. Select the text that needs to be repeated, and insert a bookmark (on the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Bookmark). At each place where you need the text repeated, insert a REF field (on the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts > Field, select Ref, and then select the name of the bookmark in the list). After you change the bookmarked text, select the whole document, and then press F9 to update the REF fields.
Thanks a lot. I was looking for this for quite a while now.

Is there a way for me see a list of all the bookmarks and their respective text so that I can edit them at once if necessary? Instead of locating the bookmark in the document and editing it, I want to see a list. I know that we ca see a list of bookmarks in the bookmarks window and click on GoTo. But I'm looking to edit the bookmark within the bookmarks window if possible.

@Anwesh Gangula There isn't anything like that built into Word, but it would be possible to create an add-in that supports it. The add-in would display a userform that contains a list box of the bookmark names, and clicking on a name would load that bookmark's content into a text box in the userform. If you edit the contents in the text box and click an Apply button, the edited text replaces the content in the bookmark in the document.


There would be some limitations to this. For example, the text box wouldn't be able to display images or tables.