SharePoint properties panel issue

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Hi, is anyone having issue with the SharePoint properties panel when you open a word document using a content type with metadata? On my side it makes word close when I open the panel.


I talked to Office support and because it is word related, they told me to submit a feedback from Word and I don't expect to get a feedback soon.


This panel has so many times caused problems and it is so crucial for user adoption when using metadata (and it MUST be made available to all office apps because properties in the file information is a bad experience). I really don't understand what Microsoft is doing.... 


If someone from Microsoft reading this, can you give me some explanations?

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@Martin Coupal I experience the same issue, also metadata is  not updated in the quickparts connected to the SharePoint properties. 


Have a look at this thread:

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Today a Office update resolved the issue.

@Jacob Cats , same thing here. At least it does not crash Word anymore. When I create from SharePoint using a content type in the new menu, the panel opens but goes into a loop (but does not crash). If I create a new document from Word and save it will ask me for the content type and then the SharePoint properties panel will work.