Shapes imported from Visio are visible on monitor but don't print.

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I am using Win10-64bit with 1TB of available SSD memory and all current updates.  I have a 35-page Word365 .docx file for testing that contains text on most of the pages, some Word shapes here and there, and one textbox containing a text and shapes object imported from Visio 2019.  After importing the Visio object into Word, both its text and shapes look perfect on my monitor.  They also look perfect if the document is printed to my HP laser printer, my Epson printer, or a PDF file using either Microsoft PDF or Adobe PDF.


The problem occurs if I append a few more pages of anything to my .docx.  Although the Visio import still looks good on the monitor, the Visio shapes (but not the text) are all missing when the .docx is printed to any of the destinations mentioned above.  I've used several different Visio imports and text boxes but the results are always the same.


I've got plenty of other .docx files containing Visio imports into text boxes and none of them have this problem.  I've tried deleting one page at a time after the page containing the Visio import and eventually as I get closer to the end, the Visio shapes start printing again.  It doesn't matter what I put on the extra pages.  I've also tried copying the document to another document via copy and paste but the results are the same.


I can't reasonably redo the entire document the test document was taken from because it is over 500 pages long with many custom drawings and imports :(  I suppose creating jpegs for all the Visio drawings would be a much less painful workaround, but I'd like to fix the actual problem instead :)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Ray

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