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I have a license for Word from my uni by logging in on my uni account. This means that Word applies settings set by the university administrator. And I cannot have Microsoft store plugins such as QuilBot nor customise the interface (i like to have black colours because it emits less light). 

What I do is I click sign out whenever I open word and I can work with Plugins and black colours. But then it goes all messy after I open outlook where I need to sign back in, This opening of Outlook makes Word go out of liecense. 


How to use university license without having to obey university administrator rules. (I am using personal pc)? 

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When you activate Office programs, you are usually invited to let your organization manage your computer. Whenever you see this invite, decline it. If you have accepted it by mistake, you should be able to turn it off by removing your organization account from the Access Work or School category in Windows Settings. 



I did as you say and this time didn't check the box 'to allow my organization to manage...'  but then I get this pop-up (picture) and it is the same as before. And when I go to 'access work or school' in the windows category It is back to where it was before - that is the school is connected.



Are you able to remove the connection between Windows and the organization account (via Windows Settings)? 

I am able to remove this connection in Windows Settings. But when I sign in to Word it goes back to being connected in Windows settings. That is regardless of whether I check that box 'allow my organization to manage...'



The account turns up in the Access work or school category in Windows Settings even if you choose not to let your organization manage your account? Hm, that shouldn't happen. I don't have an explanation, unfortunately. :(