Setting up a Book

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I am setting up a document for a book. I have selected a page size, 6" x 9". I have set the margins to Left and Right are each .36". I have set the Gutter to the Left at .3". I have selected Mirror Margins. 

However, it is not reflected on the pages. Page 1 shows a left margin size of .36" and a right margin size of .66". This is backwards. 

When I add a blank page at the beginning, it still show this blank page with left margin of .36" and right margin of .66" but any text starts at .66" from the left edge of the page.

What is going on here?????

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There is a bug with mirror margins in Word which means that the mirror margins are not always correctly represented on the horizontal ruler. They do work properly in the document, though. 

Thank you. It was sooooo frustrating contacting them for help and getting none. Thank you again.



You are welcome.