Setting a default template that I created everytime I open Word

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I'm pulling my hair out...I've spent a couple hours trying to make the template I have created to open on Word start up, to no avail.  I have tried following the MS instructions for "making a template available," but it continues to open that old friend, "Document 1."  


I am using Office 2016 365, which is managed by my school.  


Thanks in advance.  

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@maitai11 The easiest way would be to create an Add-in, a macro-enabled template that you save in the Word startup folder that contains an AutoExec macro that runs the command


Documents.Add "templatename.dotx"


Note, the document that appears will still be Document1, but it will be based on the template the name of which you use in place of templatename.dotx.

Otherwise, you would need to start Word from a command prompt.  With the above method however, you would just start Word in the normal manner.