Sending Mail from MS Word to GoogleMail.

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Here is my dilemma,


I can create the forms, no problem. And we used to send mail via MS outlook, no problem.


But now we use GoogleMail and we connect to it with AFFIXA.


What I need is some code that I can manipulate to send a form when a button on the form is "clicked".

What I need is the ability to click send and be able to send mail automatically, without having GoogleMail popping open a draft for me to look over and click another send button.


With in the code, I need to control

I know how to safe, print, and even delete files using VBA. I just need to find away to "SEND"!!!

I tried contacting AFFIXA and Google, but they were less than helpful.

I thought I would try you guys now, and check my luck!!!

Thanks for at least reading this!!!!!!




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@VBACoder641214 I would suggest adding your gmail account to Outlook so that you can use Outlook to handle the task in the way that you did before.