Selecting a shape and changing its attributes

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I'm looking for a way to, when selecting a text box/shape, be able to just apply a macro to format it, to a specific background color, with no border, and some basic shadow.

I can't seem to find a way to do that to a random text box, meaning, I would not have the object name to refer it in the macro. 

So, I need the macro identify the object that I'm selecting and then apply what I want to it.


Thanks in advance.

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Why not simply create a text box formatted the way you want and add it to your Text Boxes Gallery?

That would only work for inserting a new text box. I want to be able to format an existing one.
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That is the kind of work I'm trying to avoid, by using the macros.
Try selecting a text box, recording a macro, and using that macro.
That was the first thing I tried. The resultant code selects the shape by its name, so it does not work in any other box, unless it has the same name.
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Here is an example:




Sub ShapeSelectedFormat()
' Charles Kenyon 4 November 2023
' See
    With Selection.ShapeRange(1)
        .Fill.ForeColor.ObjectThemeColor = wdThemeColorAccent2
        .AutoShapeType = msoShapeOval
    End With
End Sub




Here is the support page on the Shape Object.


You can choose the attributes you want to change within the With structure. They are listed in the support article.


You could attach your macro to a keyboard shortcut and/or a QAT button. Those should be stored in the same template that holds your macro.


Word has two Shape collections, Shapes and InLineShapes. I am not sure this will work with both but you are welcome to try it.

That will do. :)
Thank you.