scroll bar not visible

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scroll is bar not visible even when clicking to enable in properties as shown by picture






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@anita1340 If you click in the body of the document, does the scroll bar appear?  Sometimes it seems to "auto-hide" (but I cannot replicate that behaviour right now).


Yes, it appear. Or if I move the mouse also.

But I would like it to be always visible.

Thanks for suggestion.

@anita1340 What Version and Build of Office are you using.  Here, using a 64-bit installation of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise, Version 2304 (Build 16327.20248 Click-to-Run) Current Channel, the scroll bar is visible all of the time.  Some time ago however, I did notice the behaviour that you mention, it being necessary to move the mouse and the behaviour may have changed with an update to Office.



I see something similar: the scrollbars tend to disappear when you are not working "actively" in the document.

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