screenshot image issue after upgrading MS Word 2018 to MacBook Pro in late January 2024

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Ever since MS Word or Office 2018 automatically upgraded to the latest update in late January 2024, I've ben having issues with it. Although I can still copy and paste text from one Word file to another, when I try to copy and paste text on a website, it only copy and pastes as a screenshot image of the text instead of the text itself in the space. If I have multiple MS Word files open at the same time, the SAVE button option  does not show when I click on the SAVE link under File. Only the CANCEL option shows instead of also SAVE. I usually have to restart my laptop for the SAVE option to show up again. However, it still only copies and pastes as a screenshot image even after I restart my laptop. Is there a way to fix this or restore MS Word 2018 to default. If I restore it to default, there may be lots of missing updates that are needed.

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