Saving Word templates in OneDrive for team to access but when opened forces to create a new document

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I have created custom word templates that I have saved on my PC. However, I need to save the custom word templates on our one one so other team members can access as needed. Each team member needs access to the templates, but I need it to format the document when it is saved in the one drive, and it is opened it forces a new document open( like it does when using the custom template folder on my PC) when it is clicked or at a minimum force them save as a copy. The template cant be changed and that isnt happening. I have saved the word document in my one drive as .dotm and tried to save as .dotx and it wont allow me to.

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As far as I am concerned, the situation you face is something that has not been properly worked out by Microsoft.

Where are you team members located? Best if they can access a file share on your company network.


While you should be able to save a .dotx file to a folder on OneDrive, when a user clicks on that file in OneDrive, the file opens, rather than a new document being created from it (as happens when the file is located on the local drive) and it is not possible to edit the document on One Drive (which is probably a good thing).  On the other hand, if the user clicks on Open in Desktop App, once again, it is a copy of the template that is opened, rather that a new document being created from it.  If the user edits the document and then clicks on Save, the edits will be saved to file on OneDrive, which almost certainly is not what you want to happen.

There maybe something in the following that is of use to you, but my opinion is that it is a lost cause: