Saving Word documents using the actual file title instead of the properties title

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I'm using Office 365 and seeing if there's a setting in Word that will use the actual title of a saved document rather than the default of using the properties title.


This happens when working with documents created via an existing template, so the embedded properties title is always the same (eg. "Policy Template").


These are training guide documents, so will often be copied into different environments / systems. I'm using Content Manager information management system and when copying in a batch of such documents, everything ends up being titled Policy Template meaning that I've got to go back and manually re-title everything in Content Manager.


So, seeing if I can find a setting to control this and starting here with Word otherwise it may be a Windows thing.  Thanks.

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Word uses the first few words of a document (before the first punctuation mark) as the suggested file name. However, as you have seen, this does not apply if the "Title" field is populated from the template.


To fix this, I would edit the template. Maybe that is not an option for you?