Saving Documents to network attached system

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When saving documents to NAS , Word Application keeps on asking to save the document again which in fact I have already choose Save before exiting Word Application. When opening the document too it's showing as read-mode only. Thou this issues randomly happens but when I checked and also reviewed internet there are other people who has the same issue. Another irritating issue is that it keeps on claiming that files are opened elsewhere when they do not appear to be which I made sure since the second machine that I have is turned off. The issue is not present when saving documents locally.

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Correction: MS Word routinely corrupts files not only saved to my NAS, but to my laptop's local drive. This pretty much proves that it's not a problem with EITHER device, but in MS-Word.


I suspect that it's the "MS Word Previewer" that causes it. If I leave a Windows File Explorer pointing to my file, the Previewer shows the preview to the right. This means the file is open, and when I close up my laptop, I believe that the file is still open. I believe hibernation etc has never been handled correctly by Windows, and when I reopen my laptop, the file is now not openable by MS Word.


Really, I need a solution to this problem before I can continue using Word. It's 40 years old and corrupts files?


Steps to re-create problem:

 1. Write out significant size file (~ 270K in my case). Quit Word. Leave File Explorer pointing to that file, so that a Preview of it is visible to right.

2. Close laptop.

3. Go to bed, sleep, wake up in morning.

4. Open laptop.

5. Look at file explorer: Preview Window now says "Can't preview because of error in Word Preview Processor".

6. Double-click on file in File Explorer. MS-Word complains that file is corrupt.


I cannot have my precious daily Journal corrupted every day by awful software.


I'm meanwhile going back to LibreOffice applications, which do not have these bugs.