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I've done this before, but this time something has gone wrong. 

I've created a .docx document as normal, then imported an image, positioned  it in the center of the page, sent the image to the back so to see the text in front of it, enlarged it to fill the entire page, margins to margins, then saved the document as an image (.jpg or .tiff). But when I retrieve the image in  (any) graphics program the text is missing. Only the image opens. (It shows up that way also in Explorer.) 

Can't figure this  one out.

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What was the process that you used to save the document as an image?

If you upload a copy of the docx file, one of us will investigate the issue.
Hello and thanks for replying.

The details of the process used are in my original post.

Do I send you a screenshot of the image I am *trying* to save, but cannot (fully), or do I send you the image that gets saved (and which is faulty)? Perhaps I should send you both--but I can't see how to do that. When I drag and drop an image to this text box all I get is another window with the full image *and no means of sending it.*

Please advise. D.


Screenshot of Blurb.JPG



@DPOHanlon It is the Word document that we need to see BEFORE it was saved as an image.


While you detailed the process of compiling the image and the text in the Word document, you did NOT say how you "saved the document as an image (.jpg or .tiff)" which CANNOT be done in Word for which the save options are shown in the following screen shot:




With respect, there is indeed a "Save as picture" option in Words 2016, (right-click) drop down menu.

@DPOHanlon That is ONLY the case when you have a picture selected and it ONLY saves the picture.  The option is NOT available if a picture is not selected.

If you want an image of the document that includes both the text and the picture, save the document as  a PDF file and then use one of the free online PDF to JPG utilities, or save a screen shot as an image.