Right side of page missing in microsoft word

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Hello, I really need help figuring out this problem. My document is 18x24 and when in Print Layout view, the right two inches of the page are not visible. When I center items to the page, it centers them to what is visible, as if the document is 18x22. When I open the document in Print Preview, it shows the full size. (You can see in the images I attached that the visible page in Print Layout is a different size than what appears in Print Preview). Please help! I have tried Design>Page Borders>Options> and then changing the "Measure from" drop down to "text," but it doesn't help. (I've also noticed that when I do this, it doesn't actually save any of these changes when I go back into the Page Borders menu).

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Hello @DanaH40 ,

I am not sure I fully understand your issue - is it the Print Preview that doesn't work for you or the printing, or the Print Layout? Or is the page border not showing?


I can only assume and guess that it is the paper size that doesn't agree with what is shown/printed.

Have you created the new paper size? (Layout → Size).


The Page Border menu is about drawing a line around page, not about size. Please add some details.  Thank you.


Hi @Lenka_Kerumova 


Thanks for your reply. The problem is with the page size in Print Layout. You are correct – the paper size that shows up while I am working in the document is not the same as the paper size in page setup and print preview.


I used File>Page Setup>Manage custom sizes to create a custom size: 18x24. I have tried creating new documents of the same size and have had the same problem. What happens is the page in Print Layout is not 18x24. However, when I go to Print preview, the page is indeed 18x24 (it seems about two inches are cut off the right side). Are the screenshots that I attached helpful?


Please let me know if you need any other details from me

Hello @DanaH40 ,

Let me ask you - why does it bother you that the Print Layout shows incorrect page size?

When I had to work with issues like this, first I printed the document. If the print out was correct, why correcting the way Word shows the document?


It's not a dismissal question - I am trying to understand what the true problem is. If it is only that Print Layout shows incorrect size but the print out is correct (printing as expected), it's not worth tackling the issue. If, however, the print out is not OK, we need to consider other angles: size (tick), margins?



In Word, the Print Layout view doesn't really show the correct size of a document. For example, if you set the zoom to 100%, you still won't get the actual (printed) size (although the proportions should be correct). 


What you can do is post feedback for Microsoft (see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/how-do-i-give-feedback-on-microsoft-office-2b102d44-b43f-...).