Replacing Hyphens with En Dashes

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Hi everyone,


I am editing a 90,000 word document that frequently references numbered ranges using hyphens, but for style reasons, I need to update to use en dashes. 

E.g., 53:3-5, 1:10-12, 37:2-4, etc.


When I use the following commands with the Find and Replace function, I receive the error "That replacement text contains a group number that's out of range."


Find what: [0-9]-[0-9]

Use Wildcards


Replace with: \1^=\2

(where ^= is intended as the en dash and the \1 and \2 to keep the same numbers)


Does anyone have other suggestions or ideas what is causing the error?


Thank you!

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@PSCramer The Find what: needs to be


The Replace with: is OK

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Thank you! This worked perfectly and solved my issue, and saved me A LOT of time and anguish :)