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With the recent Windows update, we have One Drive pushed onto laptop and that gets integrated with Word/Excel 2016 or Word/Excel 2019. The implication of this that when we try to Save a file or create a new file, One Drive shows up as an option. Is there a mechanism such that One drive is logged into the background, uploads the file into onedrive but does not show up when we save a word file or create a new document? If yes can you please provide the details?

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Hi @amardeep1190 


I'll try to answer this though I am a little confused by your description.


If you're asking if files can automatically (by default) be saved to OneDrive without having to initially save the files to OneDrive from MS Word, then I have not come across this option before. Saving files to their initial location is a part of using most products and once saved to a location, click the Save button won't prompt you for a location again unless you use Save As.


In saying this, OneDrive does has a feature that can automatically save any new files from your Desktop and other places on your PC, into OneDrive itself. See this article below.


So even if you use the This PC option and saved your doc to Desktop, your files would be on OneDrive (you'll be able to tell by the green tick on the icon of your field).


I hope that provides some answer. If I didn't understand right, please help me with further info.





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