Refreshing all references in document changes references formation

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Hi guys,

Suddenly whenever I refresh my complete document using ctrl+a +f9 the usual formate of FigureX will change to Figure X + complete description of the figure, messing up my whole document.  Until I got the document back from a college I never experienced this issue. Furthermore, when I manually refresh a panel the formatting does not change. I've uploaded two pictures, the first one showing how it's supposed to be, the second one the mess up after ctrl+a+f9. Any help on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

Prior to refreshing.JPG

after to refreshing.JPG

Thanks in advance,


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Is this a cross-reference to the figure caption that suddenly reproduces all of the caption content? In that case, the symptoms indicate that the bookmark Word has created for the purpose of the bookmark is now including "excessive" content. The easiest fix is to recreate the cross-reference.


Of course, if you are saying that all of your cross-references now behave like this, and that you have a lot of them, fixing this manually will be a time-consuming task.