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HI guys.


I am having a little truble with referencing on Ms Word. The referencing bibliography in Harvard has been populated with all the detail as it should.


However, when I do "in text" citation, it returns the authors name and year in (BRACKETS).  This is the wrong way to write "in text" citation using the Harvard method.  The citation always looks like (Green, 2019).


Please help me.  I am desperate!!!


Thank you.

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The citations & bibliography feature in Word is rather limited. You can set options for a citation and choose to explicitly suppress information such as the year, but it appears that there will always be brackets present. You may find it easier to use a third-party citation manager.

Thank you Stefan. I have MENDELEY which has some flexibility. I did this anyway whilst I was waiting for a possible solution via this platform. Thank you again.



Thanks for the follow-up.

Hello @Sicelo ,

then use a different function. Bookmarks come to mind. Mark the first citation as a bookmark, and then each following one as reference to that particular bookmark. Advantage is that if you change the first one (the bookmarked one), the rest will change automatically as they are references.


I personally never bothered with citations (the Word function, that is!) in my theses. There are easier ways of doing what I needed.


Since you will hand in your paper in PDF anyway.... right?